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Oakley Online Shop - cycling goggles, glasses and apparel

Oakley - Stylish bike equipment for fast riding

关于该品牌 Oakley


The beginning of Oakley is a grip for motorcycles. Jim Jannard sold the Oakley Grip out of the rear trunk of his car on motocross events. The grips that won on bite in wet conditions soon became top sellers. In order to advertise Jim started to sell protection goggles in 1980 with a big "O" on the edge of the glasses - the birth of the O-Frame Goggle.
Oakley sports goggles are characterized by their extraordinary quality, both the optical properties and the design are groundbreaking.


在HIBIKE的Oakley品牌商店中,你将会发现总共有31种不同的产品,而且价格无可匹敌,全球送货。 眼镜, 骑行服 短袖, 眼镜 零配件, 头盔 山地 / 全地形, 裤装 骑行短裤 和更多.
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