Buy wired tires for 28 inch road bikes

Which arguments speak in favour of the bead wire tires on the road bike rim?
If you feel comfortable with the common road bike rim (hook-bead rim), you'll have the choice between two tyre variants: The bead wire tire is one of the variants, the foldable is the other. Where is the difference between wired-on and folded tyres on the road bike? As the name already says, there is a metal wire incorporated into the bulge (carcass) of the road bike's wired-on-tyre, which CANNOT be folded and basically, it has its round, firm shape. This is why the tyre can only poorly be transported on tours - the biggest "disadvantage" is quickly explained. Furthermore, they weigh a little bit more than the foldable ones due to the use of metal, but they outdo the foldable ones in terms of price. Here, the wired-on-tyre can score: It can be bought at lower prices! And it is said that it is easier to mount a wired-on-tyre than a folded tyre due to its pre-defined shape. Other than that there are no further differences. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the rolling resistance when choosing your tyre and also that the tyre is low-wear and as puncture-protected as possible. Whether you choose the wired-on or the folded variant, whichever you prefer is a matter of taste. Here in our shop, all top wired-on-tyres from Continental Grand Prix or Ultra Sport via Specialized tyres up to the popular Schwalbe models are available, at low prices in abundance. Besides the typical 28" exterior diameters (French mesaurement 700 mm), the occasional smaller road bike tyres are also available, such as 26 inch Continental tyres.

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