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轮组 公路碟刹 非管胎/Clincher

Disc wheel for road bikes, CX, City

Wheels for clinchers are the most common version of a road bike wheel, since they can take folding tyres and wired-on-tyres and are maintenance-friendly and easy to handle in case of a breakdown. Furthermore, a mounted tyre can quickly and easily be exchanged for another model if the tyre is worn-off or if you want to adjust your tyre equipment to the weather conditions. Even cyclocrossers who like it muddy, will find the fitting set of CX disc wheels. Especially at bad weather conditions, a disc wheel which is braked via a disc, has its advantages. It maintains modulation and braking power and it won't wear and tear the expensive rim as a braking medium. The brakes are fastened either with 6 screws (IS2000 standard) or with a central nut (Centerlock). Here, you should choose the standard which fits your brake. Also pay attention to the rim height of your set of wheels! For road bikers who put emphasis on aerodynamic efficiency, we recommend high-profile wheels. This might look chic in the daily use, but they are also susceptible for side winds. Discover our top selection of disc wheels for road bikes, city bikes and cyclocrossers.

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