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变速齿轮 & 飞轮

A huge assortment of MTB & road bike cassettes

Be it an 8-speed, 9-speed or a 10-speed cassette, we provide solutions for every application!

A cassette is made up of many connected single sprockets. They are also called sprocket wheel.
The sprockets are screwed, riveted or, if the cassettes are premium-quality, attached to an aluminium or even carbon spider. The spider assures even stiffer sprockets and less strain while gearing. The cassette also becomes significantly leighter.
That's where the gearing aids come into play: The one by Shimano is called Hyperglide, Sram's Powerglide and Campagnolo's is the Ultra Shift. These accurately positioned gearing aids in the cassette assure gearing even under load to find the right gear. Clever, isn't it?

Often neglected is the fact that a bicycle cassette is a wear and tear part. According to climatic conditions and exposure, a cassette holds a limited durability. Occasional cleaning and maintenance of the drivetrain help to prolong the cassette's life. The cassette assortment also features various quality levels. These are mostly based on varying alloys and differences in weight as well as durability.

The freeweheel is also worth mentioning: Cassettes by Shimano and Sram sometimes exhibit the same freewheel (besides the 11 speed SRAM X-Dome standard), while Campagnolo possesses its own freewheel and is therefore not compatible with Shimano or Sram. The same applies vice versa. Sram or Shimano can not be combined with Campagnolo.
Our recommendation: Optimal gearing can be achieved, if chain and cassette are bought from the same manufacturer. This means: Shimano cassettes with Shimano chains, Sram cassettes with Sram chains and Campagnolo cassettes with Campagnolo chains.

By means of our filter (above the product list), you can search for MTB cassettes or road bike cassettes, as well as for lockrings.

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