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Northwave Online Shop - jersey, shorts, shoes, gloves and more

Northwave - cycling shoes and clothing from Italy

关于该品牌 Northwave

The Northwave passion

Everything at Northwave started with passion. NW started to produce shoes that are light, comfortable and well-working. Northwave always believed in young athletes that are still at the beginning, in strangers that have passion in their eyes. Because only with the help of passion it is possible to find the right solution and innovative methods that allow to produce shoes for bikers that are fascinated of their opportunity to reach more.

The passion of the athletes winning with Northwave is the same that can be found in the products.


在HIBIKE的Northwave品牌商店中,你将会发现总共有84种不同的产品,而且价格无可匹敌,全球送货。 骑行鞋 山地, 骑行鞋 零配件, 骑行袜, 裤装 骑行短裤, 骑行鞋 公路 和更多.
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