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车圈 碟刹 26 吋

MTB 26" Disc Rims

Bike rims which are suitable for disc brakes colloquially are mostly called "disc rims". In our selection, you'll find matching MTB rims with 559 mm diameter, which are designed for 26 inch tyres.
Rims are the main component of the wheel on your bike. With spokes and hub, the connection to the rest of the bike is made. You can create colourful accents on the bike with the rims and they are an extremely large leverage in terms of saving weight. Since the rotating mass will benefit from any weight you can save, that is to say by using lighter rims, hubs and tyres.
Even if 26 inch rims meanwhile seem to disappear more and more from the market, a new type of bike will keep them alive: the fatbikes with 26 inch disc rims. Also, kid's bikes or beginner's models will certainly continue to roll on 559 tyre seat diameter rims. But the main emphasis of all large manufacturers still lies on the larger rim diameters on the MTB.
As you can see in our shop, there still are more than enough choices available, from plain black to loud, bright colours, narrow to extra wide: We offer you 26 inch MTB disc rims from Mavic, Sixpack, NoTubes, DT Swiss, Surly, Specialized and many more. As soon as there is a demand, 26" rims will also be represented on the market. Which one will you choose?

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