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各种保护套 & 保护包 (GPS、相机、头盔等)

Mobile phone case covers, helmet bags, photo bags and more

We offer you good and safe case covers for electronic devices, such as mobile phone, camera or GPS-device. We also have travel cases and protective cases for your cycling shoes or helmet bags Good equipment is usually expensive, which is reason enough to make sure it is protected, right?

Do you ask yourself: Is it really necessary to have a bag for my helmet or shoes?

Here's a counter-question: Do you travel a lot with your bike and all accessories, to marathons, races or taking biking holidays? Do you want to transport cycling shoes and helmet safely and neatly? Spending a little money is definitely worth it, then! The bags for the helmet or shoes make the transport easier and the expensive racing shoes or the helmet (which, by the way, shouldn't be exposed to external impacts) stored safely and won't roll through the car.
Buy case covers online at HIBIKE , e.g. a EVOC camera case Awesome photo bags and mobile phone case covers for on the road are available from brands like Evoc, Vaude and Ortlieb, for example. Some can be conveniently attached to the belt or to the backpack's shoulder straps. This also has the nice side benefit of having your mobile phone or camera handy on your shoulder strap and there's no need to remove your backpack in order to get to your phone.

We offer you a great selection of protective covers and travel cases for the before mentioned equipment, and affordable prices. From the small mobile phone case to numerous photo bags (e.g. from Ortlieb), to the larger travel bag for cycle trainers! Discover our selection of the brands Ortlieb, Vaude, Profile, Blackburn or Topeak!

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