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Bar tape: Buy handlebar tape at favourable prices

You have a defined grip position on an MTB handlebar, but not so on a road bike's handlebar. Here, you can grip the bar flexibly and according to your own wellbeing and the there is no fixed gripping position. That is the reason why the road bike's handlebar is wrapped with handlebar tape. Also called bar tape. Bar tapes prevent that you slip off the handlebar (which is especially important at wet weather). They'll always ensure a good hold on the handlebar, no matter the position from which you are gripping. Depending on your choice, they are also good at absorbing sweat or absorbing impacts from the underground, for example gel bar tape with vibration dampening. The tapes consist of different materials, such as microfibre fabric, synthetics, vinyl, cork, foam rubber or even leather. Often, the tapes are adhesive on one side. End caps and/or handlebar plugs as a rule are included in the delivery. There are also differences in the width (e.g. 30 mm or 25 mm) and the length of the tapes. The bar tape should be colourfast, quickly drying and easy to clean. Give your road handlebar an individual design; with the colourful variety of the bar tapes this is no problem. That is how your road bike quickly becomes unique. Innumerable bar tapes, coloured, plain or even carrying brand names, are available here in the shop for bar tapes and can be bought at favourable prices. But lastly the question, where do you start wrapping? On top or underneath the handlebar? The wrapping is not that easy... Here, we can help you with one of our HIBIKE videos - Rainer's Bike Talk: Wrapping of bar tape. Have fun!
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