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作为德国首屈一指的骑行商品专业商店,我们衷心希望您对选购的商品满意。 如果您不满意,可以要求退换货,我们会竭尽全力提供协助,您的信心、放心和舒心永远是我们的首要考虑 因素。
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请注意: 退换货登记页面目前还不支持中文,您可以使用英文页面(点击英国国旗,即左边开始数第二个小旗)来操作。如果您英文不好或者觉得这太麻烦,也可以直接给中文客服邮箱发邮件反映您的问题,我们收到邮件后会用中文告诉您该怎么做。

切记: 邮寄退换商品请务必使用当地中国邮政集团的服务,因为德国海关仅接受中国国家邮政集团的邮件。其它物流公司或者特快专递德国海关通常不会予以清关,这会大大延长处理时间或者使得退换变得不可能。


请注意: 退换商品须未经使用,附有原包装及所有附属配件。

Returns and claims

How long may I return my goods?

Supplementary to your legal rights, we offer a voluntary 30 days return policy (30 days after your reception) given the products are returned unused and complete in their original packaging, packaging and accessories are in immaculate condition and no labels were removed.

How much is the return?

Deliveries outside of Germany can not be returned for free as long the returns are not caused by us, for example if the items arrive in bad condition or are not labeled correctly so you receive not what you have ordered.

Please use our return portal to print a DHL return label. You can of course use any carrier that you prefer as well. We will come up for the return if it is our fault that you have to return the parcel, for example in case of wrong labeled produrcts.

Can I exchange my goods?

Yes, you can exchange goods. The new shipment will be handled as a new order and is subject to a shipping fee. Therefore we recommend to place a new order and return the unwanted goods for a refund. It is faster, easier to handle and does not cost more. Please use our return portal.

How will I get back the money for my returned goods? Will the amount be set off with my new order?

If the order has been paid via bank transfer or PayPal we will set off the payment with the new order or refund the money to your bank or PayPal account. If the payment has been paid via credit card we will charge your card with the full amount for your new order and refund the total amount of returned goods to your credit card so the process stays seamless.

How can I return unwanted items?

Please do not remove any labels from the packaging or the product itself. The item must be unused and be returned in its original packaging. If you do not have the shipping box any longer please put at least paper around the original packaging or take any other box to put the original box inside. Otherwise we will have to charge you for wrong packaging as the original packaging can no longer be used. Please use our return portal to print a DHL return label.

Can I return my parcel with postage unpaid?

No, please do not return parcels unpaid. It is always cheaper to pay for the return, the charges for unpaid return shipping are very expensive. We will accept the returns, but we will have to charge you with the complete amount which we will be charged with. Please use our return portal to print a DHL return label.

Do I have to include the return form when I return my parcel?

Please use our return portal to print a DHL return label.

There was no invoice and no return form in my parcel, why?

You will find the invoice and the return information attached to the email with confirmation of shipping which also includes the tracking number. For the sake of the environment. To return your delivery please use our return portal to print a DHL return label.

A wrong item has been delivered. What should I do?

If you think that you have received a wrong or defective item please get in touch with us via phone or via our contact form.

How can I claim a defective item?

You can claim a defective part via phone or via our contact form. Our service department will take care of your complaint.

Where do I have to ship my claimed goods?

In case of complaint (please get in touch with us first!) please send the goods to:
Abt. Service
Westerbachstraße 9
61476 Kronberg i.Ts. Germany
If you use our return portal you can print a DHL return label inculding the correct address.

I have entered a wrong/incomplete address, now you charge me with an additional amount. Why?

Our main carrier DHL/Deutsche Post charges us for returns if parcels can not be delivered due to wrong address. We therefore kindly request you to pay the amount and tell us the correct address so we can reship your order.

When will I know the status of my return?

Once we have finished dealing with your return we will inform you via email. Please note that we will not notify you separately once the return has arrived.

Can I return a part which was already mounted on my bike?

No, once you have mounted a part you can no longer return it as it is a used part then which we can no longer sell.

Can I return apparel which I have already worn?

No, you can not return worn apparel as we only accept returns of unused goods.

Can I exchange free items from a promotion? Do I have to return them if I return the promotional order? Why?

A free item which was received as the order was a promotional order can not be exchanged. If the total order value drops below the minimum order value eligible for the free item please return the free item as well, otherwise we will have to charge you with its current price.

How will I know if there is any product recall that might affect me?

If there is any product recall by a manufacturer listed in our shop we will of course inform you. Current recalls can be found at our homepage.
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