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Assos 骑行袜

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GT C2 型号 0 (35-38) black 系列 95238742 15.13€
制造商物品编号 P13.60.700.18.0
GT C2 型号 I (39-42) black 系列 95238743 15.13€
制造商物品编号 P13.60.700.18.I
GT C2 型号 II (43-46) black 系列 95238744 15.13€
制造商物品编号 P13.60.700.18.II
GT C2 型号 0 (35-38) holy white 95238754 15.13€
制造商物品编号 P13.60.700.57.0
GT C2 型号 I (39-42) holy white 95238755 15.13€
制造商物品编号 P13.60.700.57.I
GT C2 型号 II (43-46) holy white 95238756 15.13€
制造商物品编号 P13.60.700.57.II
GTO 型号 0 (35-38) black 系列 95239392 35.29€
制造商物品编号 P13.60.701.18.0
GTO 型号 I (39-42) black 系列 95239393 35.29€
制造商物品编号 P13.60.701.18.I
GTO 型号 II (43-46) black 系列 95239394 35.29€
制造商物品编号 P13.60.701.18.II

Classic cycling socks with functional technologies

Bike equipment is effective when it does its job so well that you forget it's there. Like their predecessors, these GT Socks are the perfect example of this. They wick away moisture, prevent odors, and support the metatarsal, arch and ankle. ASSOS has revised the design with new yarns, improved breathability and a shaft height of 16cm.

For cooling, moisture control and comfort on summer trips. The color scheme corresponds to the MILLE GT jerseys.



  • Optimized material: The material used increases breathability and reduces drying time - the two criteria selected by ASSOS as important for cycling socks worn in summer
  • Fit: The design, which does not have exposed seams, minimizes irritation and ensures a long service life. The modern shaft length of 16cm is always appropriate

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of Assos GT C2 socks (see item description for details)

The premium socks combine elegance and comfort

When it comes to comfort and performance, the focus is mostly on shorts and jerseys - the simple sock encloses one of the most important points of contact with the bike. This is why ASSOS has developed socks that are efficient and anything but conventional. You've given them the attention they deserve, adding a silicone trim and your luxurious Sens ST material to combine functionality with a luxurious design. The GTO Socks stand out as truly unique cycling equipment.

Combine the socks with the rest of your MILLE GTO equipment to enjoy first-class premium comfort on long training rides.



  • SENS ST: Sens ST ensures a secure hold on the cuffs, paired with breathability and comfort. Traditional yarns give the entire foot support
  • Raw Cut: A flat-lying cuff that is characterized by a clear cut instead of volume
  • Fit: A printed silicone finish prevents wrinkling. The foot area was designed with a breathable upper area and a slightly reinforced front area for cushioning when you step on the pedal. The 15cm high shaft combines trend and tradition

scope of delivery

  • 1 pair of Assos GTO socks (see item description for details)
Assos GT C2 骑行袜 型号 0 (35-38) black 系列
Assos GT C2 骑行袜 型号 0 (35-38) holy white
Assos GTO 骑行袜 型号 0 (35-38) black 系列

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