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Giro Coalition Spherical Fullface 头盔

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型号 S (51-55厘米) matte black 91712848 243.61€
制造商物品编号 7160629
型号 M (55-59厘米) matte black 91712849 259.58€
制造商物品编号 7160630
型号 L (59-63厘米) matte black 91712850 243.61€
制造商物品编号 7160631
型号 S (51-55厘米) matte dark shark dune 91712851 271.34€
制造商物品编号 7160632
型号 M (55-59厘米) matte dark shark dune 91712852 226.81€
制造商物品编号 7160633

Lightweight full-face helmet that still offers maximum protection

With the Coalition Spherical, Giro is developing an impressively light full-face helmet that still offers maximum protection. Weighing just 800 grams in the medium size, this NTA certified MTB helmet features Spherical Technology™, powered by Mips®, where independently moving EPP and EPS helmet shells manage impact at high and low speeds optimize. The Coalition Spherical also rivals some road helmets for ventilation and cooling by combining massive front intakes with efficient rear exhausts via deep internal channels.

As with many Giro developments, one of Coalition Spherical's most impressive innovations is hidden inside: The Halo System combines a chin bar with Pebax® (a material designed to provide the perfect balance between flexibility and rigidity) and elastomeric bushings that are in the EPS are embedded to absorb and dissipate kinetic forces. The result is a helmet that outperforms the standard chin bar deformation test by almost twice.

Two removable cheek pads of different thicknesses made from antibacterial Ionic+™ fabric are used to fine-tune the fit. The Coalition Spherical sets a new benchmark in the lightweight full-face helmet category.


  • In-mold construction with progressive EPS and EPP inner shells
  • Halo chin bar system
  • 23 large inlet and outlet ventilation openings with deep air channels inside the helmet shell
  • Air channels above the eyebrows
  • Spherical MIPS® security system
  • Ionic+™ anti-bacterial pads
  • Cheek pads with snap system for emergencies
  • Fidlock® magnetic closure
  • Additional standards NTA, ASTM-1952-DH and ASTM-2032-BMX


specification Description
Area of application Downhill/Enduro
Outer shell material Polycarbonate
Inner shell material EPS and EPP
Closure system Fidlock®
Head circumference 51 - 55cm (S) / 55 - 59cm (M) / 59 - 63cm (L)
Weight approx. 800 g (M/L)
Extras Cheek pads with press stud

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses in this product.

With the in-mold construction, the robust polycarbonate outer shell is glued to the impact-absorbing EPS inner shell in one step while it is foaming. The helmet becomes even more resistant, without additional weight. This production process also makes it possible to form significantly better ventilation systems and vents. Compared to traditional helmets, in-mold helmets are lighter and have significantly better ventilation systems.

MIPS Spherical
MIPS Spherical is the further development of the Multi-Directional Impact Protection system. Manufactured in the typical design, the two layers of EPP foam in two degrees of hardness act as a kind of joint that can move a few millimeters in any direction, effectively reducing the rotational energy at certain impact angles.

The FIDLOCK® magnetic closure closes automatically and can be easily opened again by sliding sideways with just two fingers. Operation with just one hand is quick and effortless, even when wearing gloves.

The MIPS® safety system is designed to provide additional protection for helmets in a variety of accidents. In certain impact situations, the MIPS system can reduce dangerous forces that might otherwise be transmitted to the helmet wearer's head.

1. Conventional helmets are designed and tested for straight impact. However, in most cases the impact occurs at an angle, which can cause rotational movements to the head.

2. These rotational movements can cause brain injuries.

3. The low-friction shell is intended to help reduce rotational movements to the head in certain cases of oblique impact.

Straight impact - oblique impact

The brain is typically more sensitive to rotational motion than linear motion because it has similar shear strength to water or gel. When rotational motion causes different areas of the brain to move away from one another, the tissue can be stretched, causing concussions or other brain injuries.

Rotational motion is a common cause of concussions and more severe brain injuries from an oblique impact to the head. The MIPS system consists of a low-friction shell that is attached inside the helmet. The low-friction shell is designed to slide slightly inside the helmet in the event of an accident, allowing forces to be directed away from the head. It is intended to help reduce the risk of brain injuries.

Most traditional helmets are designed for a straight impact, but in most cases the impact occurs at an angle. The low-friction shell can reduce the rotational forces of an oblique impact.

Security system based on the brain

Unlike traditional helmets, which are designed and tested primarily for straight impact, the MIPS system's low-friction shell mimics the brain's own protection system against rotational motion. The cerebrospinal fluid is our natural protective system that allows the brain to move offset from the skull.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Giro Coalition Spherical Fullface Helmet (see item description for details)
Giro Coalition Spherical Fullface 头盔 型号 S (51-55厘米) matte black
Giro Coalition Spherical Fullface 头盔 型号 S (51-55厘米) matte dark shark dune

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