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Bell Transfer Fullface

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?? ?? M (55-57??) matte blue/dark blue 91210457 101.60€
制造商物品编号 7131851
头盔 型号 XL (59-61厘米) matte blue/dark blue 91210459 101.60€
制造商物品编号 7131853
头盔 型号 S (53-55厘米) matte charcoal/gray 91210621 96.47€
制造商物品编号 7138442
头盔 型号 M (55-57厘米) matte charcoal/gray 91210622 96.47€
制造商物品编号 7138443
头盔 型号 L (57-59厘米) matte charcoal/gray 91210623 96.47€
制造商物品编号 7138444
头盔 型号 XL (59-61厘米) matte charcoal/gray 91210624 96.47€
制造商物品编号 7138445
头盔 型号 XS (51-53厘米) matte black 91210611 101.85€
制造商物品编号 7138432
头盔 型号 S (53-55厘米) matte black 91210612 101.85€
制造商物品编号 7138433
头盔 型号 M (55-57厘米) matte black 91210613 101.85€
制造商物品编号 7138434
头盔 型号 L (57-59厘米) matte black 91210614 101.85€
制造商物品编号 7138435
头盔 型号 XL (59-61厘米) matte black 91210615 101.85€
制造商物品编号 7138436
头盔 型号 XXL (61-63厘米) matte black 91210616 101.85€
制造商物品编号 7138437
头盔 型号 S (53-55厘米) matte black/white 91210617 101.60€
制造商物品编号 7138438
头盔 型号 M (55-57厘米) matte black/white 91210618 101.60€
制造商物品编号 7138439
头盔 型号 L (57-59厘米) matte black/white 91210619 101.60€
制造商物品编号 7138440
头盔 型号 XL (59-61厘米) matte black/white 91210620 101.60€
制造商物品编号 7138441

Daily shredders

Carrying the legacy of Bell's long heritage in motocross, the Transfer has been specifically designed for everyday use. Overbrow ventilation keeps you cool, while removable Quicksnap cheekpads allow for easy cleaning. This helmet is ready to take you lap after lap through the bike park or help you win your next downhill race.


  • 9 ventilation openings
  • 3 forehead vents
  • Overbrow Ventilation™


specification description
area of application MTB DH, Enduro, Freeride, BMX
Material outer shell Polycarbonate hard shell
Number of ventilation openings 9 (3 forehead vents)
pads Quick snap cheek pads
head circumference 51-53cm (size S), 55-57cm (size M), 57-59cm (size L), 59-61cm (size XL), 61-63cm (size XXL)
extras Moto style visor
weight approx. 1040g (size M)

Technologies used

In this chapter we explain the technologies that the manufacturer uses in this product.

Overbrow Ventilation™
Deep air inlets above the forehead bring cooling air into the helmet, which is guided around the head through a matrix of air channels and ensures a cool helmet climate throughout.

scope of delivery

  • 1 x Bell Transfer full face helmet (see item description for details)
Bell Transfer Fullface ?? ?? M (55-57??) matte blue/dark blue
Bell Transfer Fullface 头盔 型号 S (53-55厘米) matte charcoal/gray
Bell Transfer Fullface 头盔 型号 XS (51-53厘米) matte black
Bell Transfer Fullface 头盔 型号 S (53-55厘米) matte black/white
Manufacturer Info 目前仅有 汉语 版本

Über die Marke Bell

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