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Sigma Sport iD.TRI GPS Sportuhr Basic

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Basic neon green 92790059 114.20€
制造商物品编号 24220
Basic neon red 92790068 114.20€
制造商物品编号 24230
Basic black 92790057 114.20€
制造商物品编号 24200
Basic neon mint 92790058 118.40€
制造商物品编号 24210

The triathlon watch for your success

Triathlon is your passion? Then take off with the iD.TRI! The GPS triathlon watch supports you on your way to success with a smart training system, individual competition planner and simple operation. Now complete your triathlon equipment with the iD.TRI.

Smart training watch

Keep it simple but smart. The iD.TRI measures all triathlon-relevant values without getting lost in insignificant details. Easily create workouts, let yourself be navigated on new training routes and use data analysis to get even more out of you. All of this makes the iD.TRI the ideal GPS sports watch for all triathlon classes - whether you're a beginner or a professional.

Individual competition planning

In the iD.TRI you will find everything you need before and during the competition. Plan the disciplines and distances of your triathlon competitions, benefit from a particularly simple operation of the sports watch in competition mode and record your times per discipline, including changing times.

Easy handling

The iD.TRI scores with its simple and intuitive operation. Thanks to the four buttons and the simple menu navigation, you can quickly find your way around the triathlon watch and in just a few steps you are exactly where you want to be. The operation is supported by visual indications of the Smart Lights and gentle vibration on the wrist.

Sporty design

The iD.TRI impresses with its slim, fresh design and low weight. The comfortable silicone bracelet is available in four colors and can be changed quickly and easily. The high-resolution display of the GPS heart rate monitor can be read even in difficult lighting conditions, so you don't have to make any compromises between design and functionality.

Slim watch design

The iD.TRI is not an ordinary sports watch. With its slim shape, it fits under every wetsuit and also on narrow wrists. In addition, it is a real lightweight at just 42 grams. With the colored protective ring, the scratch-resistant mineral glass display and the black stainless steel buttons, the triathlon watch is not only a visual highlight, but also easily withstands your tough training routine.

High resolution display

The display of the GPS heart rate monitor is easy to read even in difficult lighting conditions. This is ensured by the high-resolution and high-contrast display with reflective properties. So that you can keep an eye on everything even in the dark, you can switch on the backlight.

Smart light

The Smart Light of the iD.TRI simplifies your training experience in an innovative way, because the triathlon watch supports you with visual cues. So you know whether you are within your defined target zone (e.g. heart rate) even without looking at the display. In addition, the Smart Light lights up when turning and smart notifications.

SnapOn bike mount

The iD.TRI is equipped for all eventualities. When cycling, you can either wear the watch on your wrist or attach it to each handlebar with the included bike mount. In addition, the iD.TRI is compatible with our BUTLER III GPS and with bracket systems from third-party providers *. This means that the triathlon watch can be attached and removed quickly with just one handle, which saves you valuable time in competitions.

Mix it

Boredom has no chance! The iD.TRI is not only available in sporty black, but also in the bright colors neon red, neon blue and neon green. You can not only change the bracelets among each other, but also replace them with any 20 mm bracelet. In addition, the sports watch has several watch faces for you. Whether the analog classic, the digital look or the race face, decide what you want to wear.


  • Flexible pulse measurement: Thanks to the high-quality PPG sensor, the heart rate can be conveniently measured on the wrist. Alternatively, you can use a chest strap to measure your heart rate accurately.
  • More about PPG measurement
  • GPS measurement: When integrating the GPS measurement, great emphasis was placed on maximum accuracy with the lowest possible power consumption. In this way, parameters such as speed and distance can be recorded precisely and economically
  • 3-axis compass: With the integrated compass, the current direction of movement is always precisely determined. In addition, it supports the GPS so that the direction of movement is correctly aligned even when stationary or when the GPS signal is weak. So you can use the compass watch to orient yourself anywhere in the world
  • Barometric height measurement: The height is precisely determined using the barometric height measurement. In addition to the air pressure prevailing at the measurement location, the sensor also measures the temperature for precise determination. Manual calibration on the outdoor watch is therefore no longer necessary
  • Acceleration sensor: The integrated acceleration sensor measures steps and distance and recognizes, among other things, the cadence, sleep phase or swimming style. If you turn off the GPS
  • (e.g. on the treadmill), speed and distance can be determined using the sensor
  • External sensors: Do you need more data or an even higher accuracy of your values? Thanks to ANT + and BLE, external sensors such as power meters, speed, heart and cadence sensors can also be connected to the iD.TRI
  • Connectivity: Thanks to Bluetooth Smart, ANT + and USB interface, the iD.FREE can be connected to the smartphone, the computer and external sensors
  • Smart notifications: Thanks to the smart notification function, you always stay up-to-date. The sports watch discreetly shows you calls and messages from your smartphone via vibration and smart light
  • Uncomplicated data exchange: The supplied charging clip can be connected to any USB port, which makes data exchange and charging the iD.TRI easy
  • Waterproof sports watch: Washed with all water: No matter if lake, sea or swimming pool, the iD.TRI cannot harm water. The GPS watch is water-resistant to 5 ATM and reliably accompanies you during swimming training in all waters

Technical specification

Dimensions, weight & performance
display 128 x 144 pixels
display black-and-white
Backlit display Yes
Material watch glass mineral glass
Bracelet material silicone
Integrated memory Yes
battery pack Lithium-ion, rechargeable
Battery life up to 8h in GPS training normal + sensors + heart rate, up to 12h in GPS training ECO + sensors + heart rate, up to 4 days in activity tracking + heart rate, up to 10 days in activity tracking, up to 14 days in activity tracking OFF
waterproof 5 ATM
Herzfrequnz functions
heart rate Yes
Average heart rate Yes
Max heart rate Yes
% of the max. heart rate Yes
calorie counter Yes
intensity zones Yes
% of training time in the zone Yes
Time in the target zone Yes
Target zone with zone indicator Yes
Zone alarm Yes
Preset training effect zones Yes
Quick access to the current heart rate Yes
Average heart rate per lap Yes
Maximum heart rate per lap Yes
Calories per lap Yes
Speed / distance
Current speed Yes
Average speed Yes
Average speed per lap Yes
total distance Yes
Maximum speed Yes
racetrack Yes
Navigation functions
Track navigation Yes
Komoot navigation Yes
Preload satellite data for quick training start Yes
Time Functions
time of day Yes
date Yes
training time Yes
Current lap time Yes
Last lap time Yes
alarm clock Yes
Activity tracking
Activity tracking distance Yes
Activity tracking calories Yes
Activity tracking steps Yes
Defined stopovers (bronze, silver, gold) Yes
Individual daily goal (steps) Yes
Sleep tracking Yes
Sleep Phase Detection Yes
Running features
Current cadence Yes
Average cadence Yes
cadence Yes
stride Yes
Bike functions
cadence Yes
Watt measurement yes (compatible wattmeter required)
Floating functions
swimming style Yes
Number of lanes / distance Yes
Number of trains per lane Yes
Ski functions
Number of ascents and descents Yes
Compatible with SIGMA LINK app via Bluetooth Yes
Compatible with SIGMA DATA CENTER via USB Yes
Smart notifications Yes
Crash alert Yes
device properties
ECG accurate heart rate yes (compatible chest strap required)
Auto lap function Yes
Car break Yes
Monthly training statistics Yes
Personal bests Yes
Wrist pulse measurement Yes
round Count Yes
Sport profiles 4
keylock Yes
Training views adjustable Yes
vibrating alert Yes
Full text display in languages 8th
Post training summary Yes
Competition mode / planner Yes
Smart light Yes
Barometric height measurement Yes
workouts Yes
ANT + Yes
Bluetooth smart Yes
Digital 3-axis compass Yes


  • 1 x Sigma Sport iD.TRI GPS Triathlon watch Basic (see item description for details)
  • 1 x SnapOn bike mount
  • 1 x charging cable

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Sigma Sport iD.TRI GPS Sportuhr Basic neon green
Sigma Sport iD.TRI GPS Sportuhr Basic neon red
Sigma Sport iD.TRI GPS Sportuhr Basic black
Sigma Sport iD.TRI GPS Sportuhr Basic neon mint
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