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Spank Spike Race 33 EVO BeadBite ?? 27.5" ??

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32 ? black 45469213 56.22€
制造商物品编号 C02SR336520ASPK
32 ? black/stealth grey 45469349 58.74€
制造商物品编号 C02SR336528ASPK
32 ? black/red 35460455 75.55€

The Spank Spike Race 33 EVO BeadBite 27.5'' Disc Rim

The spike rims are used when the Oozy rims reach their limits. They are designed for the toughest freeride and downhill conditions. In the production of these rims is not the weight, but the durability and ruggedness in the foreground. The motto: "Ride hard".


  • Key Technologies: Bead Bite™, OohBah™, Dynamal Alloy
  • Material: MGR Dynamal Alloy
  • Size: 27.5"
  • Weight (g): ±500
  • Hole Count: 32H
  • Inner / Outer Width: 28 / 33mm
  • Valve: F/V Presta
  • Tubeless: Tubeless ready
  • Finish: Shotpeen anodized, laser logos
  • (Decal for green on black model)
  • ERD (mm++): 554
  • ETRTO (mm): 584x28
  • Discipline: Race / Freeride


Utilising the endless lifecycle of aluminion, our proprietary alloy blends offer superior mechanical properties resulting in stronger rims and reduced weight through optimized design. SPANK Industries has made a concerted effort to develop safe and affordable alternatives to the excessive use of carbon fiber in the bicycle manufacturing industry. Our WC DH Race Teams and our most hard core Big Mountain Freeriders are running SPANK’s Dynamal Alloy rims in the choice against carbon fiber. Unlike standard recycled alloy mixes, Dynamal is a dynamically aged highly magnesium-silicon enriched, pure alloy, which is blended with a special “secret” hardening metal. Compared to statically aged traditional alloy types, Dynamal shows a significant further increase in ultimate tensile strength and yield, without the normal reductions in fatigue life

Bead Bite™
Running tubeless? No stress! At an incredible range of pressures, Bead Bite™ is the solution to keeping those tires burp free and fixed in place. Bead Bite™ rim technology, paired with SPANK‘s patented OohBah™ profiles, enhances tubeless use with tires of all types and with a greater range of air pressures.
Bead Bite™ rims have 6 rows of tiny ridges that run along the vertical and horizontal faces of the bead seats. These tiny teeth create air seals between the rim and tire as the bead conforms into them under air pressure. They dramatically increase frictional forces on the tire bead, reducing the bead‘s ability to move vertically or horizontally (thus improving tire stability and reducing burps). The bead literally becomes trapped between the vertical and horizontal ridges, even at very low air pressures. Even in tubed applications, Bead Bite™ rims tend to allow much lower air pressures with reduced risk of pinch flats.

The unique OohBah™ profile allows us to manufacture thinner walled, wider profiled, lighter rims without sacrificing strength or rigidity. Wider rims mean stiffer wheels and more tire spread, leading to greater traction and improved comfort, and tire performance. The “wave” shape of the OohBah™ inner tube adds strength and support to the vertical rim flange walls and prevent buckling. Normal straight or curved tube wells must be much thicker, and by default heavier, to offer the same support.
The most important features of any rim are rigidity and weight. Rigidity or stiffness means more of your energy is transferred into drive force, (rather than flex) and acceleration/cornering/braking performance is improved. Reducing rolling weight in your wheels, more so than any other part on your bike, can dramatically reduce the energy needed to propel it forward. Take a look at a cross section of any given rim on the market. You’ll see that both the outer and inner walls are concave. Now check out a SPANK rim. Our unique patented OohBah™ profile is characterized by its inverted tube well. This increases rigidity immensely compared with conventional rim designs. The combination of a concave outer wall with a convex inner tube well, results in the addition of a new, never before seen “hoop strength” in the profile, which lends massive strength and stiffness to the rim as a whole, and places the center of inertia in the optimum position nearer the center of the profile.

Scope of delivery

  • 1x Spank Spike Race 33 EVO 27.5''/650B disc rim 32 hole (see item description for details)
Spank Spike Race 33 EVO BeadBite ?? 27.5" ?? 32 ? black
Spank Spike Race 33 EVO BeadBite ?? 27.5" ?? 32 ? black/stealth grey
Spank Spike Race 33 EVO BeadBite ?? 27.5" ?? 32 ? black/red
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